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English irregular verbs - 2

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Irregular verbs - 2



Verbs a-c

Present Preterite past participle notes
arise arose arisen  
(be), am, is, are was, were been Present: I am, you are, he is, we /they are.
See Verb "to be"
bear bore born  
beat beat beaten  
begin began begun  
bend bent bent  
bind bound bound  
bite bit bitten  
bleed bled bled  
blow  blew blown  
break broke broken  
breed bred bred  
bring brought brought  
build built built  
burn burned/ burnt burned/ burnt  
buy bought bought  
catch caught caught  
choose chose chosen  
cling clung clung  
come came come  and become, overcome
creep crept crept  


Verbs d-g

Present Preterite past participle notes
deal dealt dealt  
dig dug dug  
dive dived (GB) / dove (USA) dived  
do did done  
draw drew drawn and withdraw
dream dreamed/ dreamt dreamed/ dreamt  
drive drove driven  
drink drank drunk  
eat ate eaten  
fall fell fallen and befall
feed fed fed  
feel felt felt  
fight fought fought  
find found found  
fit fit / fitted fit / fitted  
flee fled fled  
fling flung flung  
fly flew flown  
forbid forbade forbidden  
forget forgot forgotten  
freeze froze frozen  
get got got (GB) 
gotten (USA)
 See Get and got
give gave given and forgive
go went gone and undergo
grind ground ground  
grow grew grown  

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