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 English idioms - clothes  

Here are some idiomatic English expressions using different articles of clothing.
Can you guess which item of clothing must be added to complete each well-known expression? Choose from the list below.

► I wouldn’t like to be in your _________
    meaning...  I’m glad I’m not in your situation

► You’d better pull your __________ up and try harder!
    meaning...  You will have to improve your performance and do better next time.

►  What have you got up your __________ ?
    meaning...  What secrets are you keeping hidden from us?

►  In John’s family, it’s the women who wear the ____________.
    meaning...  In John’s family, the women dominate the men.

► As soon as he retires, I’m going to step into his _______ .
    meaning...  When he retires, I will take over the job he’s doing at present.

► He always gets hot under the __________ when people discuss politics.
    meaning...  He gets very agitated and excited if you start talking about politics.

► Keep your _________ on, will you!
    meaning...  Don’t start getting angry, please!

► You’ll have to tighten your _______.
    meaning...  You’ll have to spend less money, or be more efficient

Here are the missing words, in alphabetical order:

belt, collar, hat,  shirt,  shoes,  sleeve,  socks,  trousers. 

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