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Each of the following sentences can be completed with two homonyms (words that sound the same). Find the two words that can logically complete each one. The  two  words missing from each sentence sound the same, but are not  written the same way.

See below for some words to help you along.

1.    The child  the ball  the window.
2.    The whole  was a terrible  after the explosion.
3.    The  crashed in the middle of a fertile 
4.    The soldiers  bravely to defend the 
5.    The cyclist   along the  for ten miles.
6.    Someone's sure to  it if it's silver, but not if it's  !
7.    It's not  to  the answers in the book!
8.    You won't   anything if you don't come  !
9.    The soldier always   his uniform during the 
10    You'll have to . There's a  limit of 250 kg. in this lift!

Here are some words to help you :  you will need to use 10 of the following 16 words (and ten homonyms - other words that sound the same). There are therefore 6 words in this list that you will not use.
here    steel    write    wait    saw    fort     site   speed    seen     through    plain    road    war    fair

Check out the correct answers with a dictionary, or take a screenshot and send it to your teacher.

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