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Scrambled conversation 

A word game

Unscramble the dialogue

Beautiful Melinda has just picked up the phone; on the other end of the line there’s her  handsome boyfriend Karl. Unscramble the conversation, i.e. reorganise  the words and punctuation signs to discover how their conversation really went.

KARL: Do evening that this on you you anything have is Melinda ? ?
MELINDA: darling you no , do ?
KARL: we don’t out somewhere not for tonight why go a meal ; ?
MELINDA: to love I’d !
KARL: to up me where want you you do pick ?
MELINDA: you don’t like anywhere I mind ; !
KARL: at seven well place come your half over to I’ll around past .
MELINDA: I’m in sure great ! I’ll make time ready !

If you have difficulty discovering the original dialogue for yourself, check with your English teacher !

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