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 Abbreviations Quiz

Common abbreviations.....

Abbreviations or acronyms?

All acronyms are abbreviations, but all abbreviations are not acronyms !  
An acronym is an abbreviation, made up of initials, that is pronounced as if it were a word, for example NATO (pronounced nay-tow) or BRINO (pronounced bry-no).  We never say N-A-T-O. when we mean NATO , which is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Nor do we say B-R-I-N-O rather than BRINO for BRexit In Name Only.  

  Most abbreviations are not acronyms (even if many books and websites, including Wikipedia, list abbreviations under the heading Acronyms). Most abbreviations are not pronounced as words, but as a sequence of letters. We normally pronounce A.S.A.P as A-S-A-P, not as "ay-sap". Besides, most abbreviations could never be acronyms, as the letters could not form a pronouncable word; for example G.M.T. can only be pronounced G-M-T, since  [gmt]  is not phonetically possible in English.

Abbreviations  Many Languages are full of abbreviations and acronyms. Some are used in everyday conversation, some are more used in special situations; but many of them are well known. How many of these common abbreviations do you know? And what do they mean?
    We've provided a few possibilities in each case: which one is correct?
1. A.S.A.P.
    -    American Society for Academic Professors.
    -    as soon as possible.
    -    and some active people.

2.    G.M.T.
    -    Greenwich Mean time
    -    general medical team.
    -    give me time.

3.    B.B.C.
    -    British Bobby's Club
    -    British Broadcasting Corporation
    -    Big, brave and courageous.

4.    P.T.O.
    -    Post traumatic operations.
    -    Please turn over.
    -    Police traffic officer.
5.    C.B.S.
    -    Canadian Broadcasting Service
    -    Common British System
    -    Columbia Broadcasting System.

6.    R.S.V.P.
    -    Reply sent very promptly.
    -    Répondez s'il vous plaît.
    -    Really serious and vital problem.

 7.    C.E.O.
    -    Chief Executive Officer *
    -    Clowns' Entertainment Organisation
    -    Childrens' Education Office.

8.    N.G.O.
    -    No-Go Operation
    -    Non-Governmental Organisation
    -    National Government Officer.

9.    L.O.L.
    -    Lots of laughter
    -    Live or Love
    -    Like it or leave it.

10.    BTW
    -    Better to wait
    -    By the way
    -    Back to work .
* Chief executive officer: the managing director of a company.

Answers: Try this quiz first by yourself; then compare notes with a friend or classmate, and see if you agree. Finally, check out each of these common abbreviations on the Internet, to find the correct answer.

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