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About Linguapress - since 1980.

Linguapress began life in 1980 as an independent EFL (English as a Foreign Language) publisher in France.

Linguapress EFL newsmagazines, published from 1980 to 2001, were founded and edited by Andrew Rossiter, of the department of Applied Languages of the University of Besançon. Regular contributors included prizewinning California environmental writer Professor Larry Wood, and Nicole Bernheim, former New York correspondent of France's leading daily quality newspaper Le Monde.  
    Spectrum, the advanced level English newsmagazine, also included topical presscuttings by arrangement with British newpapers the Independent and the Guardian, and a variety of US newspapers notably the Seattle Times. For many years, the magazine also republished articles from the award-winning American student newspaper The Lowell, produced by students in the department of journalism of Lowell High School, San Francisco.

   Original articles and stories from Linguapress have been republished in print form in many countries in English coursebooks for schools and learners. Among publishers having republished items from Linguapress are Nordhoff (Netherlands), Bunsha (Japan), Bergmoser & Höller (Germany), Westermann (Germany), Fernand Nathan (France), NKS Forlaget (Norway), Scandinavian University Press, and many others. All material published by Linguapress remains subject to copyright,  and no texts may be republished in books or on other websites without prior written permission.  Publishers or coursebook authors wishing to reuse material from should use the  form on the contact page, providing full details of the documents to be reproduced and the intended publication.

   Established before the age of the Internet and instant worldwide news, Linguapress magazines were designed to bring up-to-date current affairs as well as general social and cultural issues into the classroom, using articles in graded or annotated English, accessible to high school students of English from low intermediate level to high-school graduation level. Each magazine was accompanied by exercises and  teaching notes, mostly provided to very short deadlines by a small team from the University of Besançon's renowned Centre for Applied Linguistics, and piloted by Glenys Hanson, Christian Torjussen and Ros Young - among others.
   Linguapress newsmagazines had subscribers in high schools and further education all over Europe, notably in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Norway... and as far away as Japan and Mongolia. In the pre-Internet era, before the World Wide Web put worldwide news in any language into every school at the click of a mouse, Linguapress newsmagazines in graded English offered teachers and students the unusual ability to keep abreast, in a lively manner, of  current affairs and cultural issues from the English-speaking countries. - since 1998 was set up in 1998 as an online portal for Linguapress magazines and for the Linguapress specialist EFL bookshop.

  The current website took shape after the demise of the printed magazines and the bookshop, in order to publish and update material from the Linguapress archives, add new material, and make it available to teachers and students worldwide completely free of charge. Linguapress has now being providing free online TESOL resources  to students and teachers worldwide for close to 20 years, and hopes to continue doing so for many years to come. This website carries very little advertising. Linguapress invites teachers who appreciate the free resources on Linguapress to help us keep them free, by ordering for your school library a copy of the Linguapress Descriptive Grammar of English from Amazon, available in English or in French.

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