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Britain - a nation of cat-lovers !

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Everyone knows that Britain is a nation of animal-lovers ! But this story about an old lady who lived alone in a house near Birmingham shows how strongly some people can love their animal companions !

A missing words text !
 Twenty-two words have been left out of this article. You can find them in the word list below.  Complete the article as it should be, by putting back the right words in the right places. To get you started, the first letter is given for the first two missing words.
Here are the words that you will need to put back into the article ! They are in alphabetical order.  To make you think a bit more about the words, fhis list contains twenty-five words, so three of these will not be needed!

Interactive exercise: this exercise is interactive: you can select any word from the box above, and slide it over into one of the text boxes .

jeansAn lady died recently has left her house near Birmingham to the twenty-five who were her main  during the final years of her .
   Under English law, a person who dies can  their possessions to anybody they choose; but did “” include animals? Lawyers who  at the old lady’s will could not find  answer to this question, so they had to decide  to do.
   After lots of legal argument and , they finally decided that the 25 cats can indeed inherit the , and continue to live there, as the old lady had requested in her will.
   So the  has been given over to the cats, and is now managed by an animal charity, as a  for cats. Every day, volunteers come in to  and water the cats, and clean the house. When any cat dies, it is replaced by  lost cat, so that there are  25 cats in residence! The neighbours are quite  with the arrangement. They remember the old  kindly, and are happy that her  have been respected. “After all,” said Jennie B, who lives  door, “They don’t have too  late night parties!”

Missing words - answers.
The full text, with the correct answers, can be found in the answers section of A Background to English, the new paperback  "best of" B1-B2 intermediate texts from Linguapress.
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law: the legal system, the rules of the country - lawyer: a person who is an expert in the law -  will:  testament, a document in which a person says how their possessions are distributed when they die - inherit : become the owner of - request: ask - charity: an association of volunteers -

For teachers:

This article / exercise should not be difficult for intermediate students. Filling in the missing words involves a mixture of skills - logic, vocabulary and grammar depending on the case.
Grammar point: "cats who".  The relative pronoun who, generally reserved for humans, can be used for animals too when these are assimilated to humans, or have a human function, such as companionship, as in this article.
Grammar point: the passive. Pay attention to the several examples of simple passive structures in the final paragraph of this article.

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