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Level: simple intermediate
Theme : Cartoon
Target readers : teenagers, adult learners

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Originally published in Horizon, the low-intermediate level English newsmagazine.

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An original cartoon in simple English


MacBrain and MacBrawn, our friends from Scotland.....  Cartoon 3.

Our heroes live in a small town somewhere near Glasgow, in Scotland. MacBrain teaches maths in a high school, and MacBrawn...  well it's never been quite clear what he does, but he is one of the non-teaching staff in the same high school. The two share a house, and will go on doing so until - one day perhaps - MacBrain finds the lady of his life....

© Moira Spence and

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Teachers' notes

Using story cartoons in class.

Cartoons like this make excellent supports for creative language work.
The most simple classroom activity is to have students describe the story in their own words; this can be done either as an individual task, as group work, or as oral work in class.
Other possible exercises with this particular cartoon :   this cartoon illustrates the use of adverbs of degree: quite, very, too, and not enough