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Mixed English Proverbs 

A word game

early bird

Correct the proverbs

Like other languages, English has a lot of well-known proverbs. Below you will find 15 of them.... but unfortunately, though one is correct, the 14 others have got mixed up!! Can you first decide which is correct, and then match the first halves and the second halves correctly for the 14 others !
Type, or select and slide,  the correct answer into the box after the suggested answer in italics

Student's  name (optional)  : 
 He who pays the piper  ( )  )    
Empty vessels  ( )  )  
Many hands  ( )  )  
A rolling stone ( )  )  
A bird in the hand ( )  )  
No news ( )  )  
Don't count your chickens( )  )  
People who live in glass houses ( )  )  
You can take a horse to the water ( )  )  
Fools rush in( )  )  
You can't put new wine ( )  )  
You can't make an omelette ( )  )  
It's the early bird that( )  )  
Don't put all your eggs ( )  )  
It's an ill wind that ( )  )  

Check your answers carefully before clicking the See/ Print button below. Your answers will show on the next page, but they will not be saved on this page.

Can you explain the meaning of these proverbs in simple ordinary English?

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