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Vital phrases in English

On this page:  25 vital words 25 vital phrases
Survival English,
Here are 25 vitally important words and expressions, and 25 vital phrases to learn for anyone who plans to travel to a place where people speak English.

25 vital words or expressions for travellers needing to speak some English
Simplified phonetic transcriptions are given in brackets after each expression
  1. Please [pleeze] 
  2. I am  [ay amm] 
  3. I'm looking for [aym luking for]
  4. I want [ay wont]
  5. A hotel [eu ho-tell]
  6. A room [eu rum]  
  7. to eat  [tu eet]  
  8. To drink [tu drink]
  9. To pay [tu pei]
  10. To buy  [tu by] 
  11. Breakfast [brek - fust] 
  12. Dinner [dinneu] -
  13. A beer [eu bee-er] 
  14. A glass  [eu glaas]  -
  15. Some water  [seum wor-teur] 
  16. A coffee [eu kofi]
  17. The toilet [theu toy-let] 
  18. Price [priess] 
  19. Credit card [kredit caard]
  20. A bank [eu bank
  21. The shops [theu shops] 
  22. A supermarket [eu soopeu-mark-it]
  23. The train station  [theu trayn stay-shun] 
  24. The airport [thee aer-port]
  25. A car  [eu karr] 
And 25 most useful English phrases  or short sentences
[Sometimes incorporating essential words from the list above]
  1. Hello. [hal-lo]
  2. Thankyou  or Thanks  [thank-yu  or  thanks] 
  3. Goodbye.  [gud-bai] 
  4. I don't understand   [ai deunt undeu-stand]
  5. I don't speak English. [ai deunt speek ing-glish] 
  6. Please can you speak more slowly [pleez kann yu speek mor sleu-li] 
  7. Please can you repeat that [pleez kan yu ripeet that] 
  8. Please, I'm looking for……  [pleez  aym luk-ing for ] 
  9. Do you have…  [doo yoo hav
  10. Do you have a room for two people ?  [doo yoo hav  eu rum feu too pee-pul
  11. What time does it close ?  [wot taym duz it cleuz] 
  12. How much does it cost ?   [hau mutch duz it kost] 
  13. Where are the toilets, please ?   [wear ar theu toy-lets] 
  14. Please can you tell me where I can find a restaurant ? [pleez kan yu tel mi wear ai kan faind eu rest-ron]
  15. A black coffee please, and a cup of tea.  [eu blak kofi eund eu kupp euv tee] 
  16. Can I have the bill please. [ kan ai hav theu bill pleez] 
  17. To the airport, please. [tu thee aer-port, pleez] 
  18. I want a table for two people  / for four people.  [ai wont eu tay-bul feu too peepl / feu for peepl] 
  19. I'm not feeling very well.   [aym not feeling veri wel
  20. We're lost.   [weeur lost] 
  21. We want to go to   [ wee wont teu go too]
  22. I'm looking for a cash-machine / an ATM.    [aym luk-ing feur eu kash-meu-sheen] 
  23. Please could you call a taxi for me;   [pleez kud yu korl eu taxi feur mee
  24. We are in a hurry / we are late.   [weeur in eu huri / weeur layt] 
  25. What is the weather going to be like tomorrow?    [wots the wedheu geu-ing tu bee laik teu-mor-ro] 
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