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While all the content on Linguapress.com is for teachers as well as for students, here is an index of the pages on Linguapress.com that are aimed specifically at teachers.


Linguapress has lots of completely free resources for students to use at home.
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A selection of teaching resources in graded English
Selected pages
Advanced level reading :
Charles Babbage, the father of the computer
Who killed Martin Luther King?
USA - Discovering Route 66
London's Notting Hill Carnival
Stephen Hawking - the world's greatest brain
America's drive-in movie theaters
More advanced level short stories:
Blue Gum Tree
Lucky Jim
More: More advanced reading texts 
Intermediate resources :
Mystery - the Titanic and the Temple of Doom
Who is James bond ?
Sport: Sports, American style
Big red London buses
USA: Who was Buffalo Bill?
USA: The story of blue jeans
Dialogue: Talking about fast food
USA: Close encounters with a Twister  
More:   More intermediate reading texts  
Selected grammar pages
Online English grammar  index
 Gramática inglesa - Índice en español
Noun groups in English
Word order in English
Reported questions in English
Language and style 
Word stress in English
The short story of English
EFL Bookshelf  A selection of great books for teachers & students
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